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Your Own Private Online Poker Playing Room

Are you the type of guy who loves the rush from playing poker and roulette, but doesn’t necessarily like the atmosphere of most casinos? If so, playing casino games online is something you’re probably already into, but you may not have the best home online poker setup in your home. If you’re serious about playing… Read More »

Creating the perfect vintage car and poker space

Cigarette smoke, vintage cars and poker tables all have one thing in common, they are the ideal accessories for a great man cave. Owning a well preserved vintage car is something to be celebrated, combining a perfect display area for your car with a poker room is a great idea. This can be a space… Read More »

Be the Ultimate Bro… Host Poker Night in Your Garage

There’s perhaps nothing more a guy wants than to be an esteemed member of his wolf pack. There are a few ways you can achieve this; but we can’t think of anything better than hosting a poker night. This one, singular event ticks off all the boxes that make men, well, men. You can have… Read More »

Meeting places (online and in real life) for people who love vintage cars

If you are a vintage car enthusiast, there are a number of places and ways to meet other like-minded devotees. Here, we review some meeting places for fans of these fine vehicles. One good website to find the dates and locations of upcoming vintage car meetings is which lists approximately 1,100 vintage, veteran, classic… Read More »

Tips for Protecting a Vintage Car

The joy of owning a vintage car is something that many driving enthusiasts want although there can be more work involved in keeping this type of vehicle in good condition. There are plenty of ways to protect a classic car though and the following are some ideas for owners to consider. Storage If possible, it… Read More »

Useful Equipment for Fixing Cars

Car maintenance and restoration work is something that many people choose to do themselves and it can be an enjoyable hobby. It usually means fitting out a garage with some good quality equipment and the following are a few pieces to consider investing in for fixing cars. Car Mover The enclosed space of a garage… Read More »

Fixing Your Old Garage

Although a garage is likely one of the most functional spaces within your home, it can often become cluttered and require repair work. Not only will this enhance its visual appeal, but such improvements are also a very real safety concern. Barring an entire renovation, there are a few methods to quickly add cleanliness and… Read More »