Creating the perfect vintage car and poker space

Cigarette smoke, vintage cars and poker tables all have one thing in common, they are the ideal accessories for a great man cave. Owning a well preserved vintage car is something to be celebrated, combining a perfect display area for your car with a poker room is a great idea. This can be a space where you can unwind and enjoy a few hands and drinks with the guys while admiring your vintage car.

When it comes to designing the perfect garage space for your vintage car/poker room a distinct style comes to mind. Dark woods combined with elegant leather furniture offers the perfect combination for a masculine poker space. A must-have element is a bar that offers generous seating space for all your friends to admire the space. Dimmed lighting and a large flat screen television might also be a good idea! When it comes to designing this space, the only limitation should be your personal style and imagination. A vintage car garage is as much a functional space as it is a room used for displaying your prized old timer. It might also be a good improve your game skills or learn a few new strategies to impress with.

In order to maintain your vintage car in tip-top shape, you may need to keep a few tools close at hand, these can also be used as focal pieces in your vintage car garage/poker room. A comfortable poker table with room for all your friends is a definite must have as this can form the ideal centrepiece of any man cave. The ideal room will offer a comfortable space for games nights that can continue well into the next morning. You may choose to install a turntable on which your vintage car can be displayed so that it may be admired from all sides. Whatever you do, remember to have fun in the process!