Fixing Your Old Garage

Although a garage is likely one of the most functional spaces within your home, it can often become cluttered and require repair work. Not only will this enhance its visual appeal, but such improvements are also a very real safety concern. Barring an entire renovation, there are a few methods to quickly add cleanliness and functionality to any garage. So, we will examine three common ways to give your garage a true makeover.

Painting the Floor

Floors can become dirty and present a walking hazard. Also, an unpainted floor is not waterproof. Using a paint specifically designed for concrete floors helps to address this problem. An expert tip is to choose paint with a metallic additive (small flakes within the liquid itself). These are non-slip particles which will help prevent you or your family from falling down (even if the floor is wet). Applying two coats will ensure adequate coverage.

Installing Overhead Lighting

A single incandescent bulb hardly provides enough lighting to work with clarity and safety. Instead, choose a low-wattage fluorescent fixture. Many of these can be purchased already built; you simply need to hang them in the desired location. Still, it is wise not to leave any dangling electrical cords. Make sure that all connections are secure and away from your main work areas.

Modular Tool Storage

While your car itself could be immaculately clean, your garage may appear to be the exact opposite. A disorganised work space will make tools more difficult to find, increase the time required to complete a job and even present a safety hazard. Many tool manufacturers offer modular storage units. These are great ideas due to the fact that they are available in nearly any dimension imaginable and they provide an untold amount of interior capacity. Another benefit is that as you purchase more tools, you can easily upgrade these units to accommodate for more space. This will result in a cleaner garage and the ability to always know where an important tool can be found.

Although some may enjoy the allure of the true “workman’s” garage, there are many who feel that a clean work area represents a productive work area. These previous tips are sure-fire methods to increase your space while adding a sense of class to your home or business.