Useful Equipment for Fixing Cars

Car maintenance and restoration work is something that many people choose to do themselves and it can be an enjoyable hobby. It usually means fitting out a garage with some good quality equipment and the following are a few pieces to consider investing in for fixing cars.

Car Mover

The enclosed space of a garage can become filled with fumes if car engines are constantly turned on and off to move them around for work. The car mover is a way to avoid this and allows a car to be moved without switching the engine on. This means less fumes and less wasted gas. The equipment is capable of raising the front or back wheels of a vehicle, with the Stringo then used to position a car exactly where it is needed.

Car Lift

Installing a car lift in a garage can be useful for a couple of reasons. In the first instance it can be used for storing vehicles in a space saving way, with one car raised on the lift and a second car stored directly below it. However, it also provides a safe and secure way to raise a vehicle so that work can be carried out on the exhaust, wheels, engine, and other parts underneath. Challenger lifts are an example of this type of equipment.

Auto Code Scanners

The computer systems in modern cars can provide a lot of useful information for identifying problems if you have the right diagnostic equipment available. The Innova CAN OBD II code scanner is one such tool that can be used to download data for use in diagnosing faults. A USB cable connects it to a car’s computer system and the data can be transferred to a standard PC once downloaded, so that problems can be identified to help in fixing them.

Work Light

Overhead lighting may not always be sufficient for a repair job and this makes a portable light useful in any garage. The Bayco SL-550 Fluorescent Work Light is an example of this. It is fitted with a 50 foot cord and double hooks to allow it to be positioned anywhere around a vehicle to provide the light needed to get a job done.

Car enthusiasts need the right equipment in place to work on their vehicles and there is a wide variety available. The pieces shown above are some to consider and these can be useful to have in a garage. They will make repair and restoration work easier to carry out to keep cars looking and running their best.